The Tonettes – All-Girl, 1940s Jazz Quartet

 Due to maternity leave, we will not be booking
Tonettes Singing Valentines for 2014.


Once upon a time, in the land of Grand Junction, there lived four style-conscious little girls who loved to sing, dance, and entertain.  Two of the girls, Tara and Janae, were sisters who also loved to dance, work out, and make precarious amounts of baked goods.  Danielle, having descended from a long line of Italian watermelon farmers, kept herself busy by taking long and luxurious trips with her family to Lake Powell.  Carrington, who is two inches away from legal dwarf-dom, barely survived childhood after accidentally burning down her parents’ backyard.

The stars aligned when all four girls met up in the Vocal Music department at Mesa State College around the turn of the century.  The closures of nearly all of the local theaters had these gals down in the mouth, so they formed their own avenue of performance.

And it was from these auspicious beginnings that The Tonettes was born.  We’re an all-girl, 1940s-inspired, vocal jazz quintet quartet (we miss you, Becci!), and we dress up any occasion with a little bit of flair and class!

So, sit back, take your shoes off, maybe grab a martini, and look around the site.  And as always, have a classy day!